Vortragsreihe: "Who has the Freedom to Care, or Not to Care?"​ (Kunst – Forschung – Geschlecht)

Die interdisziplinäre Vortragsreihe "KUNST – FORSCHUNG – GESCHLECHT" an der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien trägt im Studienjahr 2021/22 den Titel "Who has the Freedom to Care, or Not to Care?"

​Sorgearbeit – Instandhalten, Pflegen, Wiederherstellen: Dies verlangen Körper, Psychen, der Raum und die Räume, in denen wir uns bewegen, die Dinge mit denen wir leben. Aber wer kümmert sich? Und unter welchen Bedingungen? / Care work – maintaining, attending to, restoring: all this is required by bodies, psyches, the space and the rooms in which we move, and the things with which we live. But who does the caring? And under which circumstances?


15. Dezember 2021, 18h, Auditorium VZA7

Evdokia P. Romanova
Obedience and disobedience in art through theatre-based approaches
The lecture will focus on gathered personal experience of the speaker as an artivist and theatre practitioner who worked under the restrictive regime and supported the establishment of the very first LGBTIQ+ theatre group in Samara, Russia.

12. Jänner 2022, 18h, via Zoom
Sophie Lewis
Beyond the (private nuclear) family, and the for-profit care industry, too
Even as “family values” intensified, the importance of care workers became clearer than ever during Covid. However, the for-profit care industry is no antidote to the private nuclear household. In this talk, Sophie Lewis revives more utopian horizons.

++ Studierende können die Vortragsreihe als Lehrveranstaltung semesterweise absolvieren. / Students can complete the lecture series as a course semester by semester.
Lehrveranstaltungsleitung / course management
: Edith Futscher ++

19. Jänner 2022, 18–19:30h Prüfung (Distanz Modus)


Vergangene Vorträge Wintersemester 2021/2022:

20. Oktober 2021, 18h, via Zoom
Fannie Sosa
Pleasure Against The Machine, Pleasure is Power
Pleasurably obtaining knowledge, fabricating it, and redistributing it, seems to be at the core of an intersectional understanding where knowledges, power and pleasures and pain are interrelated.

17. November 2021, 18h, Achtung – Änderung: online via Zoom
Riikka Prattes
Care in the Service of Whiteness
Interrogating the underbelly of care, Prattes discusses historical cases of uplift and contemporary integration measures of marginalized folks as cases of “inclusive subordination” that are shaped by coloniality and embedded in productivist thinking.